The purpose of this club is to promote model aircraft building, fellowship, and flying in a safe and responsible manner, and to aid, insofar as possible, the national program of the Academy Of Model Aeronautics and other AMA activities, looking toward the continual advancement of R/C model aviation in the United States.

Club Mission

  • To promote the development, education, advancement and safeguard modeling activities.
  • To encourage the design, building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft for education, pleasure, and recreation.
  • To provide a structured environment for youth for the purpose of providing instruction in the building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft and the fellowship with responsible adults.
  • To foster competition in the  sport of building and flying radio control model aircraft in local and national competitive events sanctioned by the national Academy of Aeronautics.

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a Member of a R/C club such as ours has many benefits. The primary benefit is having a safe, wide-open, location to fly, but there are many others including: instruction for the beginner, participation in R/C flying events and competitions, getting valuable help with equipment selections, availability of experienced flying members, a well maintained flying field, and someone to share your enthusiasm for the sport of R/C flying. Most importantly, the fellowship of likeminded individuals that share your enthusiasm for this sport.